Helping Others

Erin Michele Jewelry believes that we are not alone and to help others where possible.

Your Purchase Helps a Person

A portion of proceeds from all jewelry purchased will go to support the following causes.  When you purchase one, or a few, beautiful jewelry pieces to raise your vibe, you are helping to raise others.

Causes Supported

Each time you purchase and adorn yourself with a beautiful piece from Erin Michele Jewelry, you are supporting the following causes.


Women's Education

Every woman deserves to have an education.  Every woman deserves to have options.  When women have the opportunity of an education, there are increases in economic contribution and decreases in teen pregnancy and domestic violence.  Women are valuable members of our career world, able to make decisions and lead as only women can.

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Women's Rights

All women deserve opportunities to be their best selves.  EMJ supports charities offering women sanitary products during their periods, lives free from exploitation, access to equal rights, and other initiatives to allow women the freedoms to create their best lives.


Animal Rescue

Women are the mothers of the world and serve as a voice for the voiceless.  Because of this, EMJ also supports organizations who rescue and rehabilitate precious animals who have been abducted, abused, and exploited.  These animals cannot speak up for their own rights and need our help.

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