Tourmalinated Quartz with Grey Goddess Moonstone Charm


Know your worth when wearing this tourminalated quartz with a goddess grey moonstone charm.


Tourmalinated Quartz brings together the properties of black tourmaline and quartz.

Quartz is the ultimate healing and amplification stone. It attunes itself to the wearer’s vibration, can protect against radiation, and assist with awareness of your spiritual purpose.

Black tourmaline is the ultimate protector stone that cleanses negative energy from people and electronics, and imparts self-confidence & positivity.

When quartz and black tourmaline are combined, the quartz helps to both amplify the power of black tourmaline, but also soften the delivery of its powerful vibration.

Grey moonstone (a variety of moonstone) is known as a goddess stone, bringing emotional healing and protection, as well as strengthening one’s intuition.



  • Tourmilated quartz
  • grey moonstone charm (gold plated)
  • gold plated and cubic zirconia


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